Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Show off your wedding body!

Hi fans,

We've invented a new style of boudoir photography that we're calling Stripped. Check out the new galleries on We're very excited about it and to get the ball rolling, we're giving away one of our Stripped sessions totally gratis.

Do you look especially attractive in your undies? Are you a bit of an exhibitionist? Can you get to Brooklyn? In that case, would you like a FREE boudoir session?

The Rules:

1. Put on some Madonna. Maybe "Borderline."
2. Dance around in your underwear and take some photos.
3. Send us one and only one photo of *yourself* in the nearly nude.
4. Entry implies a willingness to have your bum on our blog.
5. Submit before April 30th.

The top entries will be posted to our blog and we'll leave it to our fans to decide who wins.

Enter now. Make your ex jealous, give your current something to brag about, and find your next!

We look forward to seeing your bodies.

Quite sincerely,